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Versalift ® is known worldwide as the innovative global producer of high quality aerial access platforms with low operating costs. Versalift is the world's bestselling van mounted access platform - and a top seller in the chassis mounted segment. 

Van mounted
Chassis mounted
High Voltage Insulated & Special

Van mounted access platform vehicles are the perfect solution for energy corporations empowered with tasks including street light maintenance.

The van can be transformed into a complete mobile workshop through the combined use of our patented 'Walk through' system, Sortimo racking and shelving and our special 'up-under' subframe system.

Chassis mounted access platform vehicles are applicable for a wide range of different challenges for both energy corporations and equipment rental companies.

The list of compatible vehicles covers everything from lightweight pickup trucks (from 2.9 t GVW) to heavy trucks and several brands of vehicle to accommodate your specific needs. 

High Voltage Insulated Versalift access platform vehicles are built for live line maintenance and feature a rugged, all terrain design.

Our extensive portfolio of insulated Versalift access platforms offers safe access from 11 to 66 metres and from 46 to 500 kV of insulation.

Rounding out the product range, we offer digger derricks, cable placers and other special units including access platforms with a unique, rail drive system.

Van and chassis mounted Versalift access platforms are available in three different product ranges appealing to different user needs. The categories are labeled the Light, Medium and HD (Heavy Duty) Range.

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Light Range
Medium RangeHD Range

The Versalift Light Range represents access platforms mounted on compact, lightweight vehicles capable of accessing work sites larger vehicles are unable to due to sheer size and weight. With a GVW of no more than 3500 kg the vehicles are accessible to users with a regular driver’s license making them an ideal option for rental.

The Versalift Medium Range represents the best of two worlds providing some of the accessibility and reduced weight of the Light Range and some of the cage stability and advanced electro-hydraulic control systems of the HD Range.

The HD (Heavy Duty) Range is top of the line access platforms mounted on larger vehicles capable of providing the best possible elevated work environment. The series has been designed in collaboration with end users – and fulfilling their needs has been the main concern in the design process. Booms are fabricated from high strength steel providing the most stable and safe cage experience available on the market – and advanced electrohydraulic control systems with automated control functions assist users in operating the lift.

Van mounted Light Range

Van mounted Medium Range

 Van mounted HD Range

Chassis mounted Light Range

Chassis mounted Medium Range

Chassis mounted HD Range

Light Range models:


Medium Range models: 


HD Range models:


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