TIME Smartbox

TIME Smartbox is an innovative toolbox and cabinet solution that is superior to conventional materials and configurations. TIME Smartbox keeps tools and equipment clear of condensation, is built to last, can be tailormade to specific demands and is available with vertical opening doors.


Sortimo equipped TIME Smartbox workshop unit interior

No condensation
The strong yet lightweight sandwich construction with foam covered in fiberglass insulates tools and cargo and keeps the box clear of condensation.

Built to last 

The fiberglass/foam combination is a far superior alternative to traditional materials (steel, wood, aluminium etc). TIME Smartbox is built to withstand harsh conditions, rough weather and continuous use every day for years to come.

Tailormade solution

The design is flexible allowing room for custom solutions with tool cabinets made to measure - from a cabinet box on a compact pickup truck to an entire workshop unit on a large truck.
Vertical doors
The cabinet doors open vertically and does not open out into traffic or block access to the content of the tool cabinet. In-vehicle equipment such as Sortimo racking and shelving can be installed in the cabinet/workshop.

TIME Smartbox workshop unit on a MAN truck

TIME Smartbox cabinets with vertical doors

TIME Smartbox cabinets on a MAN truck

If you have questions or would like to hear more, please contact
Axel Rask, Sales Manager - Phone: +45 25 11 34 33