The brand new Skybird 215I is the result of a unique collaboration between TIME and Ruthmann. The base unit is a 5 stage telescopic Ruthmann while the insulated upper boom and cage have been developed by TIME.

Skybird 215I specifications

  • ANSI A92.2 Cat. A (500 kV)
  • 66.0 m working height
  • 32.0 m outreach (at 100 kg)
  • 28.0 m outreach (at 600 kg)
  • 600 kg combined cage + material handler capacity
  • 300 kg material handler capacity
  • 500° non cont. turret rotation
  • Fiber optic controls

Unique features

  • As the only unit in its category, the Skybird 215I has a telescopic upper boom which allows the unit to access a greater range of worksites.
  • The outreach is variable depending on the cage load  and features an impressive 32.0 metres of outreach at loads below 100 kg. This feature gives the Skybird 215I the largest working area in its class.
  • The upper and lower control panels feature fiber optic controls with 2 joysticks and a cleartext display with sensor outputs and error diagnostics.
  • Several automatic functions are available including the memory function (in which the platform remembers a fixed position) and auto setup and packing programmes.

Skybird 215I product specifications

5 stage telescopic main boom and a telescopic upper boom with fiberglass section

The Skybird 215I mounted on a Freightliner chassis. The Skybird is available both on American and European chassis.

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