TIME Quick Shift turns pickup truck into Swiss Army knife on wheels

TIME Quick Shift system LDT-39-140-TBX 39 140 TBX

TIME QUICK SHIFT allows municipal employees the ability to perform seasonal work from over 10 machines from one vehicle.

A new innovative system by TIME International lets pickup trucks replace a cargo bay mounted aerial access platform with another piece of equipment allowing one vehicle to perform the actions of many. The system is aimed at municipal road, city and forest maintenance and the equipment rental industry – all sectors characterized by numerous different challenges requiring an equally large vehicle fleet.

TIME Quick Shift system change

Plug and play system

The system, TIME QUICK SHIFT, consists of a special mounting bracket on the cargo bay of a pickup truck that can be connected to various pieces of equipment using a compatible mounting frame. Changing equipment is easy and is performed using either a light overhead crane or a forklift truck taking no more than 15 minutes.

“Using the system is incredibly simple. The equipment is hoisted down to the cargo bay and snapped on to the mounting bracket at four connection points located at each corner. It is very easy to change the equipment to match new challenges,” says Axel Rask, Sales Manager at TIME International.

TIME Quick Shift system - Equipment possibilities

One vehicle for all four seasons

Harsh northern European weather conditions make many municipal maintenance tasks seasonal. Different challenges call for different equipment, and with the new TIME QUICK SHIFT system one vehicle will be able to take on all the challenges of the seasons.

“The pickup truck can be fitted with a salt spreader and a snow plow in the winter, a water tank with a pressure washer in the summer - and act as a portable leaf suction unit, crane or aerial access platform in the autumn. Municipals will be able to cut expenses because one vehicle can be on the road all year performing the actions of several vehicles stored in a garage,” says Axel Rask.

TIME Quick Shift system

Compact vehicle

TIME QUICK SHIFT is available for 2-door VW Amarok, Isuzu D-Max or Ford Ranger pickup trucks fitted with either of three different TIME VERSALIFT aerial access platforms with a working height of 9 to 14 meters. The lifts are suitable for street light maintenance and other light challenges requiring access to elevated work sites in urban environments. The compact size and weight of the vehicle makes it ideal for work in compact inner city town centres, pedestrian zones and parks – all areas where traditional van and truck-based lift vehicles are too large to fit. The vehicle is stabilized using a patented axle locking system as it has no outriggers. The lack of outriggers allows the vehicle to set up and use the lift on virtually any plane surface the vehicle can reach.