Per Torp turns 60

Per Torp, the CEO of TIME International, turned 60 on Monday 9 May. Celebrating his birthday, TIME International and TIME Danmark hosted a two-day event for international Versalift distributors Monday and for domestic business partners and customers Tuesday. The Tuesday event furthermore marked the appointment of Kim Bach Jensen as CEO of TIME Danmark – a position previously held by Per Torp himself.

Per Torp is a veteran in the access industry with more than 30 years of experience managing the international export of vehicle mounted Versalift access platforms from TIME Manufacturing Company. A pioneer in the industry, Per Torp is responsible for several innovations including the walk-in cage, up-under radial outriggers and a patented, hydraulic axle locking system.

Kim Bach Jensen new CEO of TIME Danmark

Per Torp used the event to step down as CEO of the Danish Versalift distributor TIME Danmark to focus his efforts fully on the international export as CEO of TIME International. Taking over the reins, Kim Bach Jensen is now officially the new CEO of TIME Danmark. Prior to this appointment, Kim Bach Jensen has been the CFO and Vice President of TIME Danmark for 8 years.