New VT-66-LF with elevator

11081 VT-66-LF E76 Renault Access 18T 0081_croppedThe Swiss power supply company Stadtwerk Winterthur has taken delivery of a Versalift VT-66-LF E76 on an 18T Renault Access chassis. 

The Versalift VT-66-LF is fitted on top of a 3 metre step less elevator that serves two purposes. It increases the available working height of the three stage telescopic VT-66-LF from 22.0 to 25.0 metres, but more importantly it allows the operator to work over open traffic lanes. With the elevator raised to its maximum height, the VT-66-LF E76 increases its ground clearance to an impressive 6 metres, and from this position it is capable of reaching its full maximum outreach of 17.0 metres.

The unit, sold by the German Versalift distributor Ruthmann and the Swiss Versalift distributor Hubitec, has been developed by TIME in Farsø. The hydraulic lift elevator is available in three standard heights; 3.0, 7.6 and 10.0 metres and can be fitted on a range of applicable Versalift aerial access platforms.

(l - r) Andrea Trinberg of Ruthmann, Jess Andreasen of TIME, Roger Wagner of Hubitec and André Adank and Christian Widmer from Stadtwerk Winterthur