Lift and crane combo for Publilux

Lift and crane combo from Time 2The Belgian signage and advertising company Publilux has taken delivery of a custom-made unit featuring both a 17-metre Versalift access platform and a knuckle boom crane from the Belgian Versalift distributor, HDW Belux. The unit was designed and constructed by TIME International in Farsoe, Denmark.

Lift and crane combo from Time 3The base of the unit is a Mercedes-Benz Antos (19 t) with custom chassis height and 2 sets of extendable H-frame outriggers. The truck features a 17-metre Versalift VDT-170-F access platform fitted with an aluminium cage with a capacity of 230 kg and 2 x 85° rotation. The FPC controls of the access platform has variable outreach depending on the cage load and auto setup and packing (Home function). The maximum outreach is 11 m with 120 kg or less in the cage.

Mounted at the rear end of the chassis, a Palfinger PK10002 SH knuckle boom crane completes the unit. It has radio controls, a capacity ranging from 450 to 2050 kg across its diagram and a maximum outreach of 14 metres.