High Voltage Insulated Versalift for ZSE

High Voltage Insulated Versalift for ZSE (E.ON Slovakia)The Slovak power distributer Západoslovenská Energetika (ZSE), part of E.ON Slovakia, has taken delivery of a Versalift VO-350-MHI from the Slovak Versalift distributor Everlift Slovakia.

The overcenter Versalift VO-350-MHI features an articulating lower boom, an articulating upper boom and a dual bucket setup with dual controls. The full hydraulic unit supports a working height of 17.6 metres, an overcenter outreach of 13.3 metres, a non-overcenter outreach of 10.2 metres and a bucket capacity of 2 x 130 kg. The high voltage insulated unit complies with ANSI A.92.2 Cat. B (69 kV and below), has continuous lift rotation and a material handler/jib with a capacity of 907 kg.

High Voltage Insulated Versalift for ZSE (E.ON Slovakia)The Versalift VO-350-MHI is installed on a compact Mercedes-Benz Unimog U527 4x4 chassis with exceptional off-road capabilities and is equipped with heavy-duty radial/flap-down outriggers for safe setup on uneven ground. The body is fitted with TIME Smartbox cabinets made of a sandwich combination of fiberglass and foam for superior longevity and insulation.

ZSE has ordered two units in total and the second unit, identical to this one, is set for delivery in early 2017.