TIME World News (13th edition)


The 13th edition of TIME World News is now available!

In the 13th edition of TIME World News you can read all about the product updates for Bauma, including the upgraded ETL and ETM series, the updated Versalift VTX-240 and the LAT-38-140-H on a tracked Morooka carrier.

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5 Versalift VTX-240 for RIWAL

The Danish branch of the International access rental group RIWAL has taken delivery of 5 Versalift VTX-240 from TIME Danmark as part of a fleet renewal program where they will replace units with a single telescopic boom.

The Versalift VTX-240 features two, 3-stage telescopic booms and advanced electrohydraulic controls with automatic setup, including outrigger levelling, and packing. It is capable of parking right next to buildings and reach worksites on flat rooftops inaccessible to traditional units with a single telescopic boom.

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Versalift ready for Euro 6

For Bauma 2016, TIME International exhibits a complete range of Versalift aerial access platforms ready for the new Euro 6 emission standard. The TIME International stand is located at FS.907/7 in the Open Air Area South.

The eight units exhibited make up a selection of the width of the Versalift product range in the form of a Light, Medium and HD Range Versalift mounted on both vans and chassis. Finally, a track mounted Versalift LAT-38-140-H, is exhibited at the Morooka stand at FS.1017/2.

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Versalift UK sales training

This week, Versalift UK visited TIME International for pre Bauma sales training of the exhibited units including the new ETL-36-130-F on a Ford Transit van.

The upgraded unit has a stronger boom design resulting in extra outreach and a higher cage capacity of 230 kg (up from 200 kg).

See this and many other Versalifts at Bauma on the TIME Versalift stand at FS.907/7 next week.

Gearing up for Bauma

German, Austrian and Swiss representatives from both the sales department and the management of Ruthmann just concluded an intensive sales training of the Versalift aerial access platforms that will be exhibited on Bauma 2016 at the TIME Versalift stand FS.907/7.

Stay tuned for the official Bauma press release from TIME Versalift on Monday where we will be announcing new products as well as updates to existing products.

HDW acquires TIME Benelux

Netherlands based distributor HDW has acquired Time Benelux, the Belgian distributor for Versalift and Ruthmann. The business has been renamed HDW Belux. All employees of Time Benelux will continue in the new organisation.

HDW Belux will establish its headquarters at the Time Benelux depot in Tienen, Belgium, and will concentrate on the sales and service of Versalift and Ruthmann vehicle mounted lifts, and will also add Genie to its range. HDW has been the Genie distributor for the Benelux region since 1995. It added the Time Versalift distribution for the Netherlands in July of last year.

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TIME Danmark East relocates

TIME Danmark has opened up a new location in Hedehusene on Sealand and closed the previous location in Skovlunde. The new location, TIME Danmark East, is effective immediately the new base for all sales and service in Eastern Denmark for all the products offered by TIME Danmark.

TIME Danmark East is located on Guldalderen 6D in Hedehusene and very accessible from all of Sealand, as it is located right by the freeway exit. The improved geographical location improves the logistics for service operators and customers as transport times to and from the premises will decrease.

“The new TIME Danmark East location is an improvement of our Sealand presence. The location is excellent and the facilities easily match the level of quality, you would expect from TIME,” says Per Torp, CEO of TIME Danmark. 

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TIME World News is back

We are proud to announce the return of our company magazine, TIME World News. The magazine has been redesigned and greatly expanded and now contains even more company, product and distributor news. We plan to publish a version of the magazine 3 - 4 times a year.

In the 12th edition, you can read about the new products presented at ICUEE 2015 including the 66 m high voltage insulated Skybird 215I. The next issue, planned for a spring 2016 release, will focus on the upcoming show of 2016, Bauma.

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VO-355-MHI for CEZ

The Czech power company CEZ has taken delivery of a high voltage insulated Versalift VO-355-MHI from TIME International and the Czech Versalift distributor Statech.

The full hydraulic unit features a 101° articulated lower boom with a fiberglass insert and a side mounted upper boom with 210° of articulation. Rated for 69 kV, the VO-355-MHI will be used for live line maintenance of the Czech power grid.

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VST-5500-MHI for Bayernwerk AG

Bayernwerk AG, the largest regional power supply company in Bavaria, has taken delivery of a high voltage insulated Versalift VST-5500-MHI from TIME International and Ruthmann.

Mounted on a MAN TGM 13.290 chassis, the Versalift VST-5500-MHI features an articulated lower boom and a telescopic upper boom with insulated fiberglass section. It boasts a maximum working height of 19.5 metres, an outreach of 11.7 metres and a bucket capacity of 2 x 130 kg.

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New Versalifts unveiled at ICUEE

TIME Manufacturing Company unveiled several new products at the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) in Louisville, Kentucky. New products presented at the show included the following units:

SkybirdSkybird 215I: 66 m, 500 kV insulated aerial lift

The Skybird project is a joint venture between TIME Manufacturing Company and Ruthmann utilizing the strengths of both companies to create a 66 m insulated aerial lift that complies with ANSI A92.2 cat. A, 500 kV. The Skybird 215I has a 5 stage telescopic lower boom with a side mounted, insulated telescopic upper boom. Besides the telescopic upper boom, other unique features of the insulated unit includes variable maximum outreach relative to platform load and a combined platform and material handler capacity of 600 kg. The Skybird 215I boasts 66 m working height, 32 m maximum outreach (at 100 kg), 600 kg combined platform and material handler capacity (of with the material handler is limited to 300 kg) and fibre optics controls with two joysticks and a clear text display for error diagnostics and sensor outputs.

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9 AWPs for CITO

Danish equipment rental company CITO has taken delivery of 9 AWPs from TIME Danmark as part of an extensive fleet renewal and expansion process conducted by CITO CEO Peter Fischer Kjær. 

Versalift VTX-240

CITO has received a Versalift VTX-240, 4 trailer lifts from Dinolift, 3 scissor lifts from Skyjack and a tracked spider lift from Hinowa. The primary item in the order is the 24 m Versalift VTX-240 destined to replace an existing 21 m truck mounted lift. 

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HDW new Dutch Versalift distributor

hdw nederland new dutch versalift distributorDutch access company HDW Nederland BV has effective immediately been appointed the new exclusive Dutch distributor of Versalift aerial access platforms. HDW is responsible for all sales and service of the full product range of Versalift aerial access platforms on the Dutch market.

“We are very pleased to welcome HDW as our new Dutch distributor. HDW is a well-established retailer in the access industry with extensive industry knowledge, a vast network and an excellent service setup. I am certain this partnership will be prosperous for both parties,” says Per Torp, Managing Director of TIME International.

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VST-5500-MHI for Stange Energi

Norwegian Power Company Stange Energi has taken delivery of a high voltage insulated Versalift mounted on a MAN truck from the Norwegian Versalift distributor Brubakken AS. The unit, a Versalift VST-5500-MHI, features an articulated lower boom with a side mounted telescopic upper boom and has a class C insulation rating of 46 kV and below.

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The Danish Rental Association visited Time

The Danish Rental Association visited TIME Danmark in Farsø last Thursday as part of the organizations members meeting and got the opportunity to see the all new Hinowa 26 m tracked spider.


Even though the unhospitable weather with its heavy wind gusts and ongoing rain didn’t exactly invite visitors to test the work platforms, the meeting was nevertheless a success when the Danish Rental Association held its members meeting at TIME Danmark in Farsø last Thursday. The Danish Rental Association is a division of the Danish Construction Council with key industry players involved with the ownership, production, sales and rental of machines for the construction industry.

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